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Friday 12th April 2019

Opening of the exhibition "12 Moons" of the artist Gao Yuan, curated by Alessandro Niccolai and held at the Marino Marini Museum, Pistoia.

Gao Yuan is a photographer from Taiwan. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of Japan Graduate School of Art, and studied under renowned Japanese photographer Jun Miki. 

In the exhibiton that will take place at the Marino Marini Museum In Pistoia from friday 12th april 2019 to sunday 16th june 2019, curated by Alessandro Niccolai, she will present 2 bodies of work: "Twelve Moons" and "A woman with".

12 Moons is a serie of digital portraits of 12 Beijing mothers with their infant children and was featured at MOCA Shanghai and at the Asian Contemporary Art Fair in New York.

This is a story about 12 mothers and their 12 children, and the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. All of the 12 mothers and their children, now living in Beijing China, were originally from 12 different provinces of China. They all came to the big city of Beijing with their husbands who are construction workers building the new China. In the background, contemporary and desolate landscapes are often allegorically an integral part of the whole composition.

Gao Yuan is greatly moved by the beauty of Italian Renaissance painting, and most especially the Madonna and Child symbolism. . . she sought to imbue the new China art with the same spirit. During the process of creating this work, she gradually found the understanding of the connection between the Chinese society of today and Italy of the Renaissance. The current conditions manifest the same gaps in cultural and wealth distribution in these two cultures. In the second project, cloths, where lights and shadows embellish the whiteness of the skin and enhance the choice of colours. 





This time, the project is exhibited at the Palazzo Pretorio of Barberino di Mugello, surrounded by the works of Giuliano Vangi. From 17th November to 1th Dicember 2018.




From 18th of August 2018

Niccolai is in China for a new photo coverage. It's a country of astounding beauty, of grand landscapes, of remarkable architecture, of ethnic and cultural diversity, of an extensively rich history. 

From the hustle and bustle of Beijing to the karst mountains of Guilin, China is an example of modernity and history lying side-by-side. Everywhere you look there is some form of beauty, not necessarily natural, sometimes manmade, but always enough to take your breath away.




Wednesday 7th February 2018

....Small size: Vitamine.

Collective exhibition at the center of modern and contemporary art "CAMeC" of La Spezia.

Alessandro Niccolai, Jiri Kolar, Giovanni Fontana, Pape Guroli, Jacob De Chirico, Alda Merini.....




2017 Workshop held in Czech Republic

Niccolai talks about the magic of the darkroom and the whole different perspective one needs to do analog photography




November 2016

In Umbria in order to provide photographic evidences of the extensive damage caused by the earthquakes to frescoes and works of art.




Sunday 25th September 2016

The Vernissage of the collective at the CAMeC of La Spezia will be held from 3 p.m.

Works by Alessandro Niccolai, Ken Friedman, Takako Saito, Ben Vaultier, Herman Nitsch...




Sunday 26th June 2016

The project "Vitamine" will take place at the art space "Schema Polis" too. During the event also a serie of performances.

Photographs and paintings selected by Carlo Palli.

Hermann Nitsch, Jakob De Chirico, Alessandro Niccolai . . . .




sunday 15th may 2016

Inauguration of the collective exhibition "Vitamine" at the Bosco dei Poeti, Dolcè, Verona.

Jacob De Chirico, Paul Sark, Alda Merini, Alessandro Niccolai, Arturo Schwarz, Luigi Ontani . . . .




Sunday 3th april 2016

Opening of the collective exhibition curated by Laura Monaldi and held at the Villa Caruso Bellosguardo (FI).

Demosthene Agrafiotis, Alessandra Borsetti Venier, Alessandro Niccolai, Kiki Franceschi, Antonino Bove, Murat Onol, Anthony Tang. . . . . 




Sunday 13th december 2015

Inauguration of the exhibition at the Metastasio Theatre, under the aegis of the Pecci Musem of Contemporary Art, Prato.




From thursday 12th november 2015

Niccolai's photographs will be exhibited at the Louvre Carrousel.

Sunday 8th november 2015

Inauguration of the exhibition at the MART museum of Rovereto

Artists: Alessandro Niccolai, Valentina Colella, Roberto Gianinetti, Pape Gurioli ....

Sunday 11th october 2015

Inauguration of a collective exhibition with:


Alessandro Niccolai, Nanni Balestrini, Umberto Buscioni, Fabio Carmignani, Gianni Bellini, Jakob De Chirico, Giovanni Fontana... 

at GAMC gallery, Viareggio.





In Kyrgyzstan in order to make a reportage

In the land in which i am now, the beauty of nature pierces one like pain and has divine right of sovereignty....


Inauguration of the exhibition "Vitamine. Tavolette energetiche"

It will take place in Florence at the Museo del Novecento.

Alessandro Niccolai, Hermann Nitsch, Sarenco, Jiri Kolar . . . 



Analogue Photography Workshops held in Japan

Analogue Photography. Shooting, developing and printing in the darkroom.


Series of workshops held by Niccolai in Japan between 8th and 18th december 2014.




Artist Fair La Versiliana

GreenHouse Stand 6 

Park La Versilia Pietrasanta 

23th - 27th July 2014 

17.00 - 24.00 


Among the artists: 


Gianni Baggi(Otr), Alessandro Niccolai, Stephen Nova, Federico Fusi, Francesco Landucci, Gianni Lillo, Luca Lupi, Andrea Marini, Marco Mazzi, Roberto Pupi, Stefano Turrini, Margherita Verdi




Exhibition "Face to Face"

Pistoia, LoSpazio, Via dell'Ospizio 26/28

13th April 2014

2th May 2014


Series of visual annotations taken in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto during one of my stays in Japan. Study of a different expressivity that becomes instrument directed to that instinct of passive defense so deep-seated in the local culture.




Exhibition "Fukushima is your my name"

Florence, "Sala Ex-Leopoldine", Piazza Tasso 8, from 28th march 2014 


"It's a personal journey through some of the places hit by the disaster occurred at the Fukushima plant, as Naraha-machi, Namie-machi and Tamura-machi, places in which I tried to fill my spirit with new sensation and new imaginations so that the regret of what was didn't render vain my path. I wondered if suffering is the only way to capture the true feeling of life. I have, for a cruel moment, even rejoiced in the misery of others, because it wasn't mine. I took note, with my photos, of some personal impressions of what is nothing but a faint reflection of a feeling, never properly representable. No rough accusation. No hindsight judgment. Just the feeling that I looked myself in the mirror in the eyes of strangers. Only the knowledge that...indelible are the traces that from the effect bring back to the cause". 




Exhibition "Total Space"

Sincresis Gallery, Empoli 

31th December 2013

19th January 2014


Alessandro Niccolai, Horst Beyer, Dori Karam, Gianni Otr, Marco Mazzi, Alberto Venturini......




Exhibition "Secret Affinities"

Pistoia, Foundation Marino Marini 14th June - 13th July


My journey between nameless fascinations and mysterious correspondences of a distant land, Japan.

The Foundation Marino Marini will be exhibiting a series of photographs by Alessandro Niccolai. The show, entitled “Secret Affinities”, will open on June 14th 2013 and remain on display for one month. The exhibit contains 33 new images. 



Being alive beneath cherry blossoms

April 2012


Words and images cannot describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring but are symptom of a renewed inspiration, a new state of mind.



Life in Tokyo

March 2012


Pachinko jingles and comic books. Oriental eyes and be-bop records. City of light and new traditions. Preparations for a change of plans. 



Exhibition "Nel dubbioso Passo"

Osaka, 7 - 22 January 2012

Tokyo, 8 - 28 February 2012   


The concept of Travel and the wide and various metaphorical field that it covers. The exhibition will open on January 7th in Osaka to close 22 of the same month and move to Tokyo where it will be open from 8 to 28 February. 




Coffee and Venice

June 2011


Communication Interferences.



Tea time

March 2010

A work which has received a gift...a prize, but above all great appreciation.



Life speaks louder than me

September 2009


At present i'm working on a new project entitled

"Life speaks louder than me".

Visual reflections on the contribution to life and its relation

with the words.

Sand, conscience, harmony, noise... 




street photography workshop 2009,  in tokyo 

November 7th-8th-9th - Introduction to Composition





Collettivamente Bologna

August 2009



Crossing the bridge of sighs and glimpsing the outline of a child...

triyng as I can to understand.






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