Qi Gong



Qi Gong means practice of cultivating vital force... the Qi, that is that energy that pervades the whole being and that we obtain with the breathing, nutrition and a correct lifestyle.

This discipline consists of a series of exercises that aim to promote a fluid circulation of Qi by coordinating the practice with the movements in order to maintain balance and ensure maximum well-being to the body by exercising the ligaments and improving blood circulation. into the joints, loosening the muscles and stimulating them gradually. 

It is a branch of chinese medicine such as acupuncture, tuina, phytotherapy and dietetics, and uses different methods of practice that can be of stillness and quiet but also of slow and controlled movement, always with particular attention to breathing and bodily perception of oneself. 

The aim is to achieve relaxation on a physical and postural level, at the level of muscles and tendons, and then deeper and deeper, to reach the relaxation of every single part of our body and of the innermost parts, that are organs and viscera. 

We bring the attention to the awareness of the breath and try to make the breath homogeneous and regular, and deep, and in order to harmonize it as this is indispensable for disciplining the mind. 

In the practice of Qi gong, an emotional mind, and the many thoughts that inhabit it, disturb the presence, and they don't help to get the right condition to favor the fluid and harmonious movements of the Qi.

Most of the movements are very gentle, others a little more vigorous. Some movements are very large and evident, others are more subtle, almost imperceptible. All are different and have a very specific effect on the body and the mind. The more you practice, the more you can understand the purpose of each movement, allowing the practice to become more and more enjoyable and have a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit. The benefits includes a better health, reduced stress levels and a brighter and more balanced view of the possibilities that life offers us.



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