The street artists Ella & Pitr

Massive pieces by street artists Ella & Pitr in their hometown of Saint-Etienne.

Ella & Pitr is a French artist duo who has thus become in a decade as a legendary duo “Papers Painters” of street art. Born respectively in 1984 and 1981, randomly on a street they met: one seeking how to speak most directly to a non-selected audience, the other imagining a logical extension of 10 years graffiti. Today their warehouse is located in Saint Etienne (France) and the Street remains their territory of spontaneous expression. 

They develop the principle of “pieces”, oscillating between public space and private space that is not present in the gallery a fragment taken from a collage of outdoor creation. In this case, the entire work is visible only on a sample photo where the couple Papers Painters comes to staging, holding it at arm missing glued on a canvas before sticking amputated fragment. They thus form again, just enough time to photograph the complete work. From place to place, they also sometimes suggest to passers to be photographed before “photographs funds” provided for this purpose. Later, they will get a shot posted in Saint-Etienne. 

Ella & Pitr tell stories in the city, often gray, Saint-Etienne, in Paris or elsewhere, (they also demonstrated with several small illustrated editions particularly pleasing) and each of their works suggests a set amazing scene, characters highlights, fundamentals of human existence. Deploy them with the terrors and joys of early youth, the tenderness, the pangs of old age, rage, cruelty, desire for emancipation, thwarted freedom.

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    Barabba (lunedì, 11 maggio 2015 22:47)

    Questo è davvero forte. Peccato che siano osservabili solo dall'alto e così molti magari non si accorgano neanche di su cosa stanno camminando.

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    Toshi (martedì, 12 maggio 2015 09:47)


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    Toshi (martedì, 12 maggio 2015 09:48)


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