The Czech Fundamental exhibition is now in Italy

The Czech Fundamental exhibition is now in Italy with his shots able to touch the strings of the soul also of the non-experts.
Over 170 works, 43 photographers, for an analysis of the soul that considers, using the Czech photography, the 20th century. A constant clash between scream and geography, chasing vain utopias to placate the anxiety, to find a place where to reconstruct an “self” fragmented, to recognize the subjectivity of the individual. A sense of loneliness and inadequacy that is one of the themes characteristic of the Kafkaesque poetic; a common thread reinterpreted through various artistic practices.

Three sections, for an exhibition double-locked, that ranges from prints of the twenties until the nineties, in an itinerary that communicates with the viewer between new and historical aspects; from the early avant-garde movements of the 20s it leads to contemporary artists whose works embody an experimental approach of the photographic medium.

Until July 19, 2015

Museum of Rome in Trastevere

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00; the ticket office closes at 19.00; closed Monday

Admission € 7.50 for residents in Rome, € 8.50 for non-residents

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"Secret Affinities"

A journey between

nameless fascination

and mysterious






Works exhibited in: 


  • 2020 Nagoya
  • 2018 Barberino di Mugello
  • 2018 Pistoia
  • 2018 La Spezia
  • 2016 La Spezia
  • 2016 Carmignano
  • 2016 Dolcè (VR)
  • 2016 Lastra a Signa
  • 2015 Prato
  • 2015 Rovereto
  • 2015 Viareggio
  • 2015 Florence
  • 2015 Paris
  • 2015 Florence
  • 2014 Marina di Pietrasanta
  • 2014 Pistoia
  • 2014 Empoli
  • 2014 Florence
  • 2013 Pistoia
  • 2012 Tokyo
  • 2012 Osaka


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