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19. agosto 2015
Photographer Brian Maffit posted an amazing composite image on reddit that depicts a flock of hummingbirds swarming underneath the feeder. The “flock” was actually comprised of just a few birds over the course of a few hours whose ghosted images were reflected back using an angled glass mirror. The image was then further manipulated in Photoshop. Maffitt generously stated that he’ll be sharing a “how-to” on his blog. "If anyone is interested in the technical specs, this was shot with...
10. luglio 2015
The Kratochvil's ability to blend together a fundamentally eclectic and multifaceted soul with a unique and unsettling vision is the aspect that strikes people generally, this regardless of whether we are talking about reportage images, portraits of celebrities or advertising campaigns, one of the very few cases in photography. 
Kratochvil’s works are often aimed at giving a voice to the underprivileged, the oppressed and the forgotten, at exposing injustice and atrocities, a task that...
07. luglio 2015
There is a dark, brooding beauty in these images that is singular and affecting. In The Solitude of Ravens, Fukase found a subject that reflected his darkening vision, and he pursued it with obsessive relentlessness. It remains his most powerful work, and a kind of epitaph for a life that has been even sadder and darker than the photographs suggest. Ravens have long stood as a symbol of power in Japanese mythology, but these days they tend to be seen more as a powerful nuisance. While their...
02. luglio 2015
Frank Relle captures stunning shots of his hometown, New Orleans, late at night using long-exposure photography. The images show often overgrown and sometimes destroyed buildings devoid of human life. I decided to pursue photography. I went to New York to find photography, but lost it in the bright lights and darkrooms. I came home to New Orleans and listened to Bob French’s voice on WWOZ.
09. giugno 2015
Mira Nedyalkova gets inspiration from the life - beauty and pain, the love and eroticism as constant part of our life…In her images she uses pain as a beauty, erotic as a psychological way of life. She expresses herself and her intimate inner life. She loves to express her emotions through a woman's general, the human presence in her photos is fundamental.
04. giugno 2015
Photographer Beth Moon has captured a series of striking images of some of the oldest trees on Earth against the night sky titled Diamond Nights. The series is a follow-up to Moon’s earlier work where she photographed the trees during the day. To get to her subjects, Moon had to travel to remote parts of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
11. maggio 2015
Argentina-based street artist Guri adds whimsical cartoonish characters to otherwise drab buildings in his delightful street art. While most of his murals adorn a wall or a building facade, occasionally Guri will transform an entire structure into a character: Windows become eyes, and illusions of depth are created with anamorphic techniques.
08. maggio 2015
New York City-based street artist JerkFace has recently created a large mural featuring Ren Höek and Stimpson J. “Stimpy” Cat, the main animated characters from The Ren & Stimpy Show, outside of Grandma Rose’s Pizza in Brooklyn, New York.
27. aprile 2015
Artist Cal Lane uses a blowtorch to adorn surplus ammunition cans, car parts, and other salvaged metal objects with delicate lacy patterns. Lane’s cut patterns are inspired by traditional decorative art forms including tapestry, lace, and metal filigree. More of her sculpture work can be viewed on her Art Mûr gallery page.
22. aprile 2015
Artist Charles Leval (aka Levalet) adorns the streets of Paris with playful street art installations that take advantage of urban fixtures, garbage, and other detritus. We previously posted about his street art installation Dance Macabre last year.

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